Donation Steps

Donate in three easy steps!

  • *Step 1: Fill out transaction details & select preferred charity to recieve donation.
  • Step 2: Fill out a short notification form to complete your transaction. This notifies the charity of the donation you are making to ensure total transparency between FOHKC and our supported charities.
  • Step 3: All Done! Help? Contact Us.

Supported Charities

Below you will find a full list of charities that currently partner with Friends of Hong Kong charities. Feel free to browse the links to their websites below.

How Do I Become a Supported Charity?

Please refer to the Application Requirements document (also found on the "Stewardship" page). If you have further questions, please contact us via the contact page on this website. FOHKC only supports charities recognized by the Kong Kong Inland Revenue Department.

How Does FOHKC Make Money?

Simply put, it doesn't. As stated elsewhere, 100% of all donations to FOHKC are given to supported charities, less direct processing costs. There are no processing costs for checks drawn on a Hong Kong bank account, and our bank imposes a modest processing cost for checks drawn on a US bank account. For credit cards, the secure donation service we use,, has a 3% processing fee for the convenience of online donations, schedule donation giving, etc. Note that donations by credit card are processed in US dollars. Beyond the direct cost of using this service, FOHKC does not retain any donated funds. Our Board of Directors are not compensated, and any other small operaing costs of the organization are covered by organizations that have pledged to support FOHKC in this way.

Who Can Give to FOHKC?

FOHKC accepts donations by check drawn on either Hong Kong or US bank accounts. In addition, anyone with a credit card can donate to Friends of Hong Kong Charities. Tax receipts will be issued at the end of each quarter and will be allowable as a deduction, in the USA and HK in accordance with the respective counties' taxation legislation. Friends of Hong Kong Charities, Inc. is a registered charity in the United States and Hong Kong.