Donation Steps

Donate in three easy steps!

  • *Step 1: Fill out transaction details & select preferred charity to recieve donation.
  • Step 2: Fill out a short notification form to complete your transaction. This notifies the charity of the donation you are making to ensure total transparency between FOHKC and our supported charities.
  • Step 3: All Done! Help? Contact Us.

About Friends of Hong Kong Charities

Friends of Hong Kong Charities, Inc. (FOHKC) is a registered tax-exempt organization in both the United States and in Hong Kong. FOHKC distributes donations to partner charities in Hong Kong. Less the direct cost of processing payments, 100% of all received donations are distributed as grants to approved charities; FOHKC retains absolutely no donations for overhead, salaries, or administrative costs.

Mission Statement

Friends of Hong Kong Charities is a volunteer organization that is committed to enabling faithful financial stewardship from US citizens through tax-deductible donations to charitable organizations serving in and from Hong Kong.

Organization History

Friends of Hong Kong Churches was started in 2002 with the intent of forming an organization that US expatriates living in Hong Kong could donate to in order to claim taxable deductions donations to churches they supported financially. Although the organization originally formed to assist a few specific churches, it soon realized that there were other charitable organizations operating in Hong Kong that would benefit from the service it provided.

In 2004, as the organization began partnerships with more organizations, it changed its name to Friends of Hong Kong Charities to accurately reflect the reality of its expanded purpose.

The organization is primarily supported by the volunteer efforts of its Board of Directors, and financial support from two “member” charities that cover operating expenses such as the annual audit, reports to the US and Hong Kong governments, and attorney fees. Other charities pay no fees for the services of FOHKC. Additional charities can apply to FOHKC so that their donors can receive tax relief in both the US and Hong Kong. A list of the documents required for application is available from FOHKC upon request.

What Others Say...

Brett Hilliard Pastor, Island Evangelical Community Church

“Friends of Hong Kong Charities has been an amazing blessing to our church. It’s has allowed people to be good stewards of their resources by maximizing the tax benefits of giving. I’ve been especially impressed with the efficiency, integrity, and cooperative spirit of the organization. We’ve worked with FOHKC for several years, and look forward to an ongoing partnership for years to come.”